Hi there and welcome to Davey's Smartphone Quiz. 

If you are bored to tears with the old fashioned style quiz using Pen and Paper, with every other team on Google cheating, or the boring School teacher-esque quiz host with absolutely zero personality then read on.


"Forget the pen and paper, that's so boring"​​​


Davey has been a Dj in Pubs and clubs for years, for the last 10 years he has been hosting Pub quizzes in and around Glasgow City Centre, but now he is expanding.


"I was looking for the next BIG thing, looking for a system that would stop people cheating, then I came across Speedquizzing, it's totally revolutionised my quizzes"

says Davey.​​​


Using the "Speedquizzing" software and FREE app over the quiz wifi network you will answer questions using your device as the "Pen and Paper".​​​​​​ You are not on the internet so no-one can look up the answers and cheat. You are not using any of your 3G allowance so the quiz is 100% FREE. Brain power is what's needed here, oh and a Smartphone or tablet.

Using your SmartPhone or Android Device with the Speedquizzing FREE app installed you will connect to the quiz master's laptop via Wi-Fi.​ 

​The quiz master will read the questions out and you will use your device to answer, there are 4 different types of questions:

(1) Multiple Choice Questions- The answer will be A, B, C, D , E or F Just choose the right answer.

(2) Numeric Questions- The answer will be a number, remember to press enter!


(3) Letters Questions- You enter the 1st letter of the answer you think is right.

(4) Buzzer Round- Buzz in when you think you know the answer.

We also have the ability to produce picture and music rounds. The quiz subjects vary, and every quiz we do we try to introduce a different subject for example:

Tv Shows, movies, sport, general knowledge, music and many more.

Why Choose Me?


I’m always looking for fun things to do to incorporate into my quizzes so it doesn't get boring. From silly dancing to singing for bonus points, it all happens. Watch out for our "Lip Sync" battles.Dress up as your fav character, do a dance, tell a joke anything goes.


Reliability is king in this industry, so if you need someone who delivers every time then look no further. Consistently good in quality and performance also someone who can be trusted. So if your looking for someone reliable, look no further.


Davey has Over 10 years experience at presenting quizzes and 25 years in a DJ role in pubs & clubs as well as being a Radio presenter. Having gained knowledge and skill in this field over time a great quiz will be guaranteed.

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