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DJ Davey Davidson- Club Dj, Pub Dj, Radio presenter and Quiz host.

Davey is a Glasgow based club DJ, Video DJ, Quiz Host and Radio presenter and is known for his extensive work in some of the biggest nightclubs and pubs in and around Glasgow as well as his very busy quiz nights which he hosts in several bars in Glasgow and surrounding areas. 


Davey has helped shape and revolutionise the traditional pub quiz by bringing the Smartphone Quiz to Glasgow  and other areas around Scotland.  He has hosted the busiest weekly quizzes for a number of years and is always looking to expand. Currently doing 4 quizzes a week it doesn't look like he is going to slow down anytime soon. Always on the look out for the next BIG thing Davey is now bringing his new venture to the masses.


Watch this space


Using your SmartPhone or Android Device with the Speedquizzing FREE app installed you will connect to the quiz master's laptop via Wi-Fi.​ 

​The quiz master will read the questions out and you will use your device to answer, there are 4 different types of questions:

(1) Multiple Choice Questions- The answer will be A, B, C, D , E or F Just choose the right answer.

(2) Numeric Questions- The answer will be a number, remember to press enter!


(3) Letters Questions- You enter the 1st letter of the answer you think is right.

(4) Buzzer Round- Buzz in when you think you know the answer.

We also have the ability to produce picture and music rounds. The quiz subjects vary, and every quiz we do we try to introduce a different subject for example:

Tv Shows, movies, sport, general knowledge, music and many more.

How it works


Watch Live


Join me live every Monday and Thursday from 7pm as try and entertain and keep the nation occupied during these very troubling times. Obviously we cant be in the pub quizzing so we have found a way to bring your quizzes to you in your home.

You still use an app on your phone but in addition you will need another device (ie) Laptop, Desktop computer, an ipad or even a tablet, this is how you will hear the questions that I read out using a free software called Zoom. 

It all sounds complicated but I assure you that after the first time you have done all this its easy from then.

You can watch all the LIVE action below, just click the play button.

sq live screen.png


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